Online Casino Promotions

Casino promotions are an integral component of running a successful online casino. In current times, players are increasingly willing to gamble at a number of different casinos in order to discern their favorite. One of the most important factors in choosing an online casino often relates to online casinos promotions. Some players are of the opinion that the effort that a casino puts into player promotions reflects the overall commitment of the casino to increasing player satisfaction and enjoyment. Casino promotions are often a two-way street with both parties benefiting – players appreciate the opportunity to win prizes, and casinos often are rewarded for their investments via increased revenue and traffic.

With so many casinos online these days, standing out from the crowd is increasingly difficult, and requires a strong ongoing commitment to originality. The best casinos in terms of promotions are always looking for an excuse to celebrate something. Of course, most casinos will latch onto major holidays like Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving and work a promotion around those holidays. Fair enough too. However, the exceptional casinos in the promotions area will celebrate anything and anyone. What about the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death? How about International Friendship Day? If you do some research, there is something being celebrated nearly every day of the year somewhere in the world. In this area, it’s a lot easier to find something original and develop an enticing promotion from there. Before you know it, your casino will be shining like a beacon, and you will find players flocking to your casino.

The principal aim of online casino promotions is to entice players to gamble at your casino, often when they might not otherwise. Have a look at your revenue stream. Are some days a lot less busy than others? Why not consider having a weekly promotion on these days to encourage your regular players to make extra visits on these days instead? For instance, if Tuesday is regularly a slow day, why not have a blackjack giveaway or a “Ladies Night Out”? Another successful kind of promotion requires players to be online at a certain time of the week in order to be eligible to win. Be prepared to be reasonably generous. Expect the amount of traffic attributable to the promotion to be in proportion with the prizes on offer and the excitement factor. The golden rule here, to paraphrase badly, is that “if you have good prizes, they will come.

A couple of online casinos I know have great promotions, but nobody knows about them. It’s vital to realise that you can’t sell a secret. If you have a great promotion running, let your players know about it. Don’t expect that putting a notice in the promotions section of your website a couple of days before the promotion is enough. Most players will appreciate being informed about developments at the casino, and any chances they have to win prizes or receive bonus loyalty points. As well as mentioning your promotion in a prominent position of your newsletter, make it the focus of a direct email mailout to your players. While there is no need to be excessive and go over the top, players will know what’s going on, and your promotion will have a higher chance of being successful.

Casino Operators should remember that casino promotions is one area in particular where online casinos have an opportunity to distinguish themselves over and above land casinos. Generally, land casinos are not interested in developing exciting player promotions or handing out generous bonuses. People have a natural attraction to competitions and prizes – one of the most common search engine terms on the internet is the word “free.” New players to your casino might come for the signup bonus, but stay for the promotions. Original promotions with plenty of flair attached to them are a fantastic way to entice occasional players back to your casino time and time again. Think treasure hunts, not boring prize draws. In the end, casino promotions are only limited by imagination.

Casinos willing to invest time, resources and efforts into developing some scintillating promotions quickly establish an enviable reputation for doing so. On the internet, a casino lives or dies by its reputation and this is one area where it’s relatively easy to forge quick progress. Before too long, your reputation will extend to gambling websites and players will become aware of your standing. Additionally, a lot of the gambling websites that hand out annual awards for excellence in online casinos will recognise casino promotions as a category. An award for “best casino promotions” or something similar is an excellent promotional tool for your casino.

So whether your casino is at the top of the tree or just jogging along in the middle of the pack, take some time to evaluate your current promotional position. Are some of your promotions a little tired or overdone? Is your casino missing some of the pizzazz that other casinos seem to have? Do some brainstorming and a little bit of research and you will be off to the races! A good way to start is to think of promotions that you have really enjoyed as a player, and consider what aspects of those promotions were attractive. After that, try to mould those elements into a promotion with a theme linked to your casino, or perhaps a world event that you wish to celebrate. Before too long, both your casino and your players will be revelling in the great benefits that online casino promotions can provide.

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