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There is often no house limit which means that systems such as Martingale’s can and will work. Mini roulette casino game by Playtech is great, we love it and I think it’s fair to say, we’ve built a substantial gambling chip stack out of this bad boy. We’ll assume there that everyone has at least played European or American roulette and are aware of the casino game theory behind it. Well, this mini version is quite similar in game play, but very different in odds and the amount of numbers on both the wheel and the table.

This version of roulette is only available as an arcade game on a casino powered by the Playtech network and we have yet to see an offline version in either a live casino or an online casino live dealer application. But, thankfully, it is available in both download and no download flash version and at most casinos it’s possible to play mini roulette for free before you think about playing for real money. But, when you do choose to play for real money there is often no house limit which means that systems such as Martingale’s can and will work.

The mini version of roulette is, to put it simply, just a smaller version of the wheel. This game has on 13 numbers including a zero but again, the payout structure for hitting a zero is such that 50% of all your other bets are returned, so, whilst you can still place your chips on the zero, it is also a form of effective insurance policy and whilst it doesn’t pay back all of your stake or more, it is certainly better than a poke in the eye.

There are a number of different bets that you can make on mini roulette and, just like its larger cousin, the payout ratios differ greatly. For example, if you decide to opt for a straight up bet you’re hitting your chips on either one, or any number of table positions that you wish to bet on coming in. The odds of this happening are essentially 13 to 1 with a 50% payback if the ball lands on zero. On a traditional European roulette table the odds of a straight bet paying off are 37 to 1 with a payback of 35 to 1. Now, this sounds great but, when we really think about it what is the point in opting for these odds and payback when we can still generate a decent return from a smaller number set. For example, the payback on mini roulette is 11 to 1 and there are only 13 potential numbers that can come up, with one of those numbers actually triggering a 50% payback refund.

As well as the straight bet there are also a number of other bets that can be placed on the table on each and every wheel spin.

  • Mini roulette split bet: is where your online casino chip is placed on the dividing line between two numbers so if the ball lands on any of these numbers it will trigger a win which pays the same as the straight bet divided by two.
  • Street Bet: placing a street bet is similar on mini roulette as it is to the full scale casino game version. You basically just place your chip stake right on the dividing line of the table to the right hand side of the street of numbers you wish to bet on. The maximum that can be wagered on a mini street bet is the maximum for the straight up bet multiplied by 3. And, with the payouts being three to one we think these are great on this arcade game but not so hot when playing a real live dealer casino.
  • Corner Bet: to place a mini roulette cornet bet on the Playtech arcade game you must place your casino chips on the line where the four numbers meet each other and the payout is two to one.
  • Three bet: a three bet is, in our opinion a pretty useful wager and it involves placing your chips on the numbers zero, one or two, or zero, two and three. It pays out at three to one but remember, as it’s mini roulette the zero also pays out 50% of all other bets placed. Which we think is pretty cool.
  • Column bet: is pretty straightforward, simply place you chips at the top of each column of numbers you think will come in. It pays two to one as indicated on the table.
  • Sixers bet: also known as a half dozen wager pays out at one to one and you simply stick your roulette chips on the numbers marked one to six and so on.
  • Red or Black and Even or Odd bets: are again self explanatory when you see the mini roulette table and also pay out on a one for basis.

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